The Consumerization of HR

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We’ve arrived at a turning point in history where new technology is profoundly altering people's way of life. The changes brought by the Digital Revolution will have a deep impact on the way businesses are organized and people look at work. And though we expect to return to “normal” after we’ve overcome the financial crises, the “new normal” will be vastly different.

The workforce of the future is smaller, more diverse and more dispersed, wanting a career lattice to support individual needs. It expects direct access, and is digitally divided. HR must adapt to this changing environment.

Through the consumerization of HR, everyone can access HR services directly, thereby cutting out HR as the middleman. Going forward, HR will be remote, mobile, social, automated, specialized and smaller than in the past, and organized, with agility and flexibility as key requirements. Read this white paper and get familiar with the consumerization of HR.

HR service delivery strategy, HR Technology, Self-service