The Hackett Group's Workforce Management Study Results 2016

Webinar (English)

The results of The Hackett Group’s updated 2016 Workforce Management study are in!

NGA Human Resources would like to share with you the data and insights that shows while most companies are doing well with regards to Time & Attendance, there are a number of clear areas where improvements can be made. For example, were you aware that only 45% of companies currently have a vision statement specifically addressing their Workforce Management objectives?

Watch the webinar and join expert insider Hope Bartgis as we explore each of the following challenges and discuss the ways in which they can best be overcome.

  • Process ownership, vision and governance
  • Transitioning to the cloud
  • Automation of the Absence Management process
  • Improving scheduling process capabilities
  • Capitalizing on data insight to reduce cost and increase productivity

We will also leave you with the eight targeted actions your organization can take to improve process performance and system optimization, regardless of where it is in its maturity.

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