Leveraging Payroll Insight and Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions

Webinar (English)

The payroll landscape is complex in today’s ever-changing global environment. Aside from paying employees correctly and on time, the true value of payroll data is often left untapped. Looking beyond the gross to net calculation can give you not only better but solidly actionable insight that will make a significant difference for your organization, ultimately providing you with consistent global visibility across all the geographies in which you operate.

Felicia Cheek, Global Payroll Expert from The Hackett Group along with James Menk, Director of Alliances for the North American Region at NGA Human Resources present this informative webcast focused around leveraging payroll data to make better business decisions.  Over the 1 hour webinar you will be provided real world examples, best practice examples, and lessons learned by leading companies who are using payroll data to make better decisions about their workforce, investments, and long-term HR strategy.

Watch the full webinar here.