Move Your SAP Payroll to the Cloud Enabling Compliance While Gaining Efficiency and Control

Webinar (English)

Organizations are increasingly finding compelling reasons to move their HR systems to the Cloud, such as cost savings and greater efficiency. When it comes to moving OnPremise SAP payroll systems many questions abound. Often companies are hesitant to re-implement their payroll systems from scratch, and they often confused as to what a Cloud solution would mean for risk management, legislative changes, and more. 

Moving your payroll to the Cloud doesn't mean you have to invest in a net new payroll system as it can often make risk management easier. Discover how you can move your payroll to the Cloud in a way that maximizes all the benefits of Cloud computing without requiring re-implementation. Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • The business benefits of putting payroll processes in the Cloud.
  • Best practices for migrating payroll to the Cloud from a business that has successfully made the transition. 
  • Guidelines for building a compelling business case for Cloud-based payroll processes. 
  • How SAP SuccessFactors Managed Payroll can minimize risk when putting payroll in the Cloud. 
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