Moving HR to the Cloud: 7 Steps to Successful Change Management

Webinar (English)
When moving to a cloud HR system, there will be changes to your HR processes and HR technology. But how do you prepare your people to adapt to this new system? How do you know the change was successful and that your organization is better now that you have moved to the cloud? Top performing organizations understand that change is a process that requires a disciplined focus. Having this focus will minimize business impacts and risks associated with change management. However, only 1 in 4 HR organizations say they are sufficiently prepared to respond to change in their businesses.
Join NGA Human Resources and Ron Koller, PhD, HR Transformation Practice Director from The Hackett Group, as we focus on preparing your HR organization for change management when moving to a cloud HR system. You will be provided with real world examples, and practical steps toward transforming your organization to not only adapt to this new system but truly adopt the cloud HR culture.
Watch this webinar to learn:
·         7 steps for HR to focus on around change management
·         How to evaluate readiness to change
·         How to determine the key performance indicators to a successful project
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