Payroll Complexity Index 2014 (Full Report)

White paper (English) 1.48 MB

Managing and rewarding employees across the globe can be costly and full of legal, cultural, compliance and data quality challenges. As a market leader in HR & payroll services, NGA HR initiated a global Payroll Complexity survey to provide an objective overview of the complexity of managing the payroll process in 35 countries across the globe.

This report offers an overview of which geographies are more complex than others when it comes to compensating your international workforce, based on 5 categories. Download our report now, and learn:

  • Which key parameters influence payroll complexity,
  • How the 35 countries included in this survey are ranked,
  • About the complexity of government reporting and declarations in each geography,
  • And much more...
HR Outsourcing, HR service delivery strategy, Payroll