The Province of Flemish Brabant

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The Province of Flemish Brabant sees a personnel management system not just as a support for HR to calculate payroll. Instead, it wants a HR information system that also supports HR by enabling it to perform tasks in the most efficient way.

Almost every HR task involves making a decision. In this regard, complete and accurate information is essential. An HR management system, therefore, must also be an information system that includes all relevant employee data and information. This information should then be made available to everyone involved: HR, finance, management and employees.

The Province of Flemish Brabant decided to put this strategic insight into practice. By implementing an integrated HR and talent management solution based on SAP HCM, it could successfully attract, retain and develop its 750 employees. This project resulted in a new and improved HR process flow; a reduction of the HR workload and costs; and a more efficient management of the employee life cycle.

HR service delivery strategy, Payroll