What is Next for HR: Your 2018 Strategies

Video (ENG)

At the HR Conference held in Brussels 28-29 November 2017, Michael Custers caught up with human resource management guru Dave Ulrich to discuss the role of HR in a Digital World. In the spirit of Digital HR Transformation, they briefly touched on how the Ulrich model has evolved over the years, the importance of meaning in the workplace, how organization trumps talent, and why HR has every right to be at the head of the (executive) table.

In a series of videos Dave and Michael provide you and your team with the key strategies you need to consider in 2018 to design and build a people-centric organization. This first video gives Dave’s vision on what's next for HR and the role of HR at the board table. 

Watch this and our other videos to learn more on the key strategies:

Read the full interview here and learn more on how Digital is transforming Human Resources today.  Check out: https://www.ngahr.com/insights/digital-hr-transformation.

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